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Annual Report 2018

What does our brand embody around the globe? In which areas do our thermoplastic solutions deliver added value for our customers? What do we have to do to ensure that we can continue to deliver this added value? Why do people work at SIMONA? What does “A company like a friend” mean to them? Why do shareholders invest in SIMONA?

The answers to these questions are provided in this annual report – by customers, employees, share­holders and suppliers. Our mission was to explore what makes SIMONA valuable.

The result: interesting insights into our corporate DNA and compelling profiles of our key stakeholders.

Companies need a clearly recognisable identity to underpin their public image and guide the actions of their employees. It is this identity that enables them to adapt to changes in the market and develop new products and technologies. For all living things, this function is performed by our DNA. By exploring this comparison a little further, we can learn a great deal about the character of a company such as SIMONA.


SIMONA is one of the world’s leading producers and development partners in the market for top-quality, semi-finished thermoplastics, finished parts and piping systems. With a 1400-strong workforce, a comprehensive portfolio and a unique combination of process technologies, we are committed to finding the optimum solution for every one of our customers’ requirements.


Overall, 2018 proved to be another successful year for SIMONA. Group revenue exceeded the €400 million mark for the very first time. We also managed to expand earnings before taxes (EBT) by more than 31 per cent to €32.3 million – the highest level ever recorded in our corporate history.

Revenue by product area in €m (previous year: €394.1m)
Earnings before taxes (EBT) (previous year: €24.6m)
Dividend in € (previous year: €12.0)
EBIT in percent (previous year: 7.9* per cent)
Total assets in €m (previous year: €363.4m)
Equity in €m (previous year: €202.3m)

As from the 2018 financial year, income and expenses from currency translation relating to financing activities are accounted for in net finance costs/income rather than in operating profit. For the purpose of improved comparability, the prior-year figures have been adjusted accordingly.

Share Price and Dividend since IPO (in €)

High-performance products for thermoforming applications – acquisition of PMC

In August, SIMONA acquired Premier Material Concepts, LLC (PMC), based in Findlay, Ohio, USA.

Expansion of the FEP product range

SIMONA®FEP stands out from other lining m­a­terials thanks to its excellent non-stick properties.

Expansion of Business Development Water Treatment

Supplying the world’s population with water is a major challenge for society.

Investment in the market for large fittings

With the acquisition of a new injection mould at its Ringsheim plant, SIMONA is staking its claim in the market for large-format fittings.

Seawater desalination plant in Doha, Kuwait

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, a leading Korean contractor in large water treatment projects, previously used exclusively fibre-reinforced plastics for reverse osmosis in seawater desalination plants.

New tunnel for Pforzheim

The city of Pforzheim in southern Germany spent three-and-a-half years building a new railway tunnel.

Lightweight and economical

SIMOPOR CONSTRUCT is a new PVC free-foam sheet that is a “lightweight” among construction sheets.

Showcasing pipe rehabilitation solutions

At IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials manage­ment held in Munich, SIMONA showcased its solutions for rehabilitation projects.

SIMONA plastics at Achema

Semi-finished products for the chemical pro­cessing industry are part of SIMONA’s core business.

Digital printing from A to Z at FESPA 2018

The FESPA Global Print Expo focuses on wide-format digital printing.

Plastic – an excellent alternative for the agricultural industry

How are plastics different to conventional materials in livestock farming?

SIMONA boltaron at AIX in Hamburg

SIMONA boltaron exhibited at the Aircraft  Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg – the world’s leading event for cabin interiors.

Large fittings at Expomin in Chile

In 2017, 5.3 million tonnes of copper were mined in Chile.

New tablets for primary school

Dominik primary school in Kirn is committed to ensuring that its pupils develop good IT skills.

Support for flood victims

Last summer, devastating storms led to heavy flooding in ten villages around Kirn.

SIMONA ASIA kick-off

To mark Chinese New Year in 2018, all the staff from the Asian business (from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and also from Germany) came together for the first time at our Jiangmen plant.

SIMONA Health Days

The Health Days held at our headquarters in Kirn gave employees an opportunity to learn more about good nutrition and general health and well-being.

Getting to Know You Day for trainees

In June, 38 new trainees and their families came along to the traditional Getting to Know You Day at the SIMONA headquarters in Kirn.

Training courses and information days

As part of the SIMONA Academy, customers were offered training sessions at the Technical Centre of our Chinese production plant in Jiangmen.

Awards for SIMONA boltaron and SIMONA AMERICA Industries

At the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) Congress in 2018 SIMONA AMERICA Industries and SIMONA boltaron won three awards: the IAPD Marketing Excellence Award went to SIMONA boltaron for its successful rebranding with a new logo and a new brand message.