ABOUT Polymershapes

Kevin Short has worked for over 25 years in the industrial trading business, 16 of which have been in the plastics sector. He has been the President and CEO of Polymershapes LLC, USA since 2016. Polymershapes is a leading trading house for sheets, rods, pipes, foils and related plastics products with a history dating back more than 70 years. With its extensive distribution and logistics network, Polymershapes ensures a highly reliable delivery service and good customer rapport. Polymershapes also offers its customers numerous pro­cessing options, such as a cutting service and customising or processing via CNC milling machines.

What do you value about SIMONA?

The people at SIMONA and the quality of the products. Our customers specifically ask for SIMONA products. This provides both of us with an opportunity to set ourselves apart from the competition.

Kevin Short
President and CEO, Polymershapes LLC, Charlotte, USA

How would you describe SIMONA in a nutshell?


What does the SIMONA brand stand for?

SIMONA stands for quality, innovation and reliability.

What added value do our products and services give you?

I believe it is our job as distributors to create added value and offer great service. SIMONA helps us to do this with first-class products and outstanding customer service. Moving forward, the plastics industry has to be in a position to execute our customer projects in an innovative way with a focus on out­standing quality.

Why do you buy from SIMONA?

Because of our close business relationship with Adam Mellen, Chief Sales Officer of the SIMONA AMERICA Group (laughs). It’s wonderful that in today’s world it’s still possible to do busi­ness with people you can trust and with companies that make the buying process as easy as possible.

What challenges do our products solve for your company?

Having a partner like SIMONA means we can implement our purchasing strategy, which is based on the principle “one is too few and three is too many”. Exclusivity doesn’t work for an international distributor. Our business model requires us to have high availability and a wide range of products. With their broad product range, companies like SIMONA enable us to build close relationships with a handful of globally active partners all over the world and in this way make purchasing more efficient. Our broad positioning also means we can distribute the full SIMONA product range.

What do you hope for from SIMONA in the future?

We would like to continue working with a globally active partner to create an excellent, sustainable experience for our customers in North America. SIMONA and its staff need to ensure that these positive experiences continue in all economic conditions, today and in the future.