About THE Profilplast GROUP

Profilplast is a leading supplier of semi-finished plastics and industrial piping components to the Benelux region and Germany. Its product portfolio encompasses over 90,000 items – enabling Profilplast to offer everything customers need for the production of plant, equipment and installation technology from a single source. A comprehensive logistics system ensures fast delivery of all products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Profilplast constantly monitors the market for plastics-based innovations and plays an important role in addressing the complex requirements of its customers for new products and applications.

What do you value about SIMONA?

Above all the “personal touch” or the relationships we have built with people at SIMONA. This includes all levels, from executive management and customer service to technicians. Amongst other things, we value the direct contact with SIMONA product management staff, which is an uncomplicated way to make progress on new ideas. Our partnership thrives on that two-way exchange.

Karen Posthumus
CEO, Profilplast Group, Sittard, Netherlands

How would you describe SIMONA in a nutshell?

For me personally, it is Dirk Möller as COO who incorporates the values of commitment and passion. I would describe SIMONA as a genuine, worldwide partner of the Profilplast company.

What added value do our products and services give you?

With its product areas of pipes, fittings and semi-finished parts, SIMONA covers a very broad product spectrum. We are a partner sourcing goods from almost all product groups. That is important for us in procurement. The consistently good quality and effective cooperation in day-to-day business ensures both sides have the freedom to be innovative and develop new products together. The specialists at our Technical Service Centre and the business developers and technicians at SIMONA work well together and that allows us to tap into new markets for plastics applications.

Why do you buy from SIMONA?

In our standard business, we can always rely on SIMONA. That creates a stable basis and time to develop new things together.

What challenges do our products solve for your company?

The breadth and depth of the product portfolio are very important to us. We carry more than 90,000 items and need premium partners like SIMONA in order to be able to offer our customers such a variety of high-quality products.

What do you hope for from SIMONA in the future?

I hope that SIMONA continues to attract young people to a career in plastics processing. There is so much potential for this material. For instance, over 90 per cent of industrial piping systems are not yet made out of plastic, even though it clearly offers many benefits.

It is also important for SIMONA to expand the business development drive that has already started in new markets and new application areas. We need this collaboration with specialists who know their way around the relevant markets and have ideas for replacing conventional materials with plastics. Ideally, they should have a combination of technical competence, a sales mentality and good communication skills.

Ongoing expansion of logistics services is also an important aspect for us. In a global world with many uncertainties surrounding delivery processes, we need an extremely flexible partner. And it is also my hope that, with all its global growth and the size SIMONA has now achieved, its family business character will be preserved. SIMONA must continue to be served by dedicated SIMONIANS who have a burning desire to work for the company.