ABOUT Progalvano

Founded in 1967, today Progalvano S.r.l. is a global producer of electroplating barrels, exporting its products to over 50 countries around the world. Progalvano’s dynamic growth, innovative strength and use of the highest quality materials have made the company a leading partner to the electro­plating industry.

The family company is now led by Luka Premru (Export Manager), Francesca Cuzzolin (Sales & Marketing Manager), Ferdinando Cuzzolin (President and Shareholder) and Matteo Cuzzolin (Technical Manager).

What do you value about SIMONA?

To us, SIMONA is a 360-degree partner able to offer a complete package due to its broad product portfolio, great after-sales service, technical support and competent local contacts. We have never found such an end-to-end service anywhere else in the market.

Matteo Cuzzolin
Chief Technical Officer of PROGALVANO S.r.l., Milan, Italy

How would you describe SIMONA in a nutshell?

Quality, service and reliability.

What does the SIMONA brand stand for?

I travel abroad a lot and I encounter SIMONA everywhere in the world as a brand with widespread acceptance. I will give you an example of how we benefit from this brand. The labels with the SIMONA logo, which appear on the sheets delivered to us, remain on the end product after we have finished processing them. The barrels for electroplating processes, which we produce and distribute worldwide, are thus designed to demonstrate the high quality we stand by at every step of the process.

What added value do our products and services give you?

The polypropylene sheets we source from SIMONA consistently demonstrate the same properties. They always meet the high demands we place on their performance when they come into contact with various chemicals. We buy a product that we can 100 per cent rely on in our manufacturing processes at all times. SIMONA delivers the same high quality with every shipment. This means we can use the same programme parameters in our manufacturing processes, no matter what the external condi­-tions. It also allows us to promise our customers the narrowest possible tolerances.

What do you buy from SIMONA?

We are convinced that a good primary product is half the battle when it comes to manufacturing. Added to that is the high stan­d­ard of technical support offered by SIMONA. Naturally problems do arise from time to time, but they are solved quickly and com­petently.  We never hear someone from SIMONA say: “that can’t be done” but rather: “we’ll find a solution”. SIMONA is a partner, not a supplier.

For instance, the PP sheets are always precisely cut to suit our processes. For all its size, to us SIMONA has remained a family business at heart.

What challenges do our products solve for your company?

Wherever possible, we have standardised our production based on 50 years of experience in order to meet the application stan­d­ards of our customers as best as possible. Nevertheless we constantly strive to push the boundaries of the potential uses of our products. Up until a few years ago, many of the barrels were made out of steel. Together with SIMONA we have succeeded in convincing more and more companies to switch to plastic as an alternative material. That has a lot to do with the fact that the promised properties listed in the product data sheets for SIMONA products are not minimum thresholds but constantly observed levels. In addition, plastic is more economical and offers better corrosion protection than steel. These days we not only offer SIMONA PP but also high-performance plastics like PVDF.

What do you hope for from SIMONA in the future?

We hope that SIMONA does not stop expanding and improving the properties of its products. What that means for us specifically is that the thermal stability continues to improve and an even higher mechanical load is permissible. This will allow us to expand the application areas of SIMONA sheets even further. The availability of the products is also very important to us. SIMONA closed its warehouse in Italy a few years ago. We were sceptical, but it has led to no disadvantages for us. Nevertheless, we value the local contact with the customer service staff of SIMONA ITALIA very highly. Direct contact with no bureaucratic hurdles and fast response times are crucial for us.