The success story of STRABAG AG, Cologne, began in 1923. Today the company is one of a Group of companies under the Austrian STRABAG SE umbrella and functions in Germany as the parent company of the German STRABAG Group. As the German market leader in road construction, the company earns 2.5 billion euros annually in this business field. Every day around 12,000 employees go about their work of deliv­ering first-class road construction services, which extend far­ beyond classic road building projects. STRABAG AG has opted for digitalisation of its work processes in order to map the entire value chain of the plant, infrastructure and construction work performed by its business units.

What do you value about SIMONA?

The SIMONA brand is synonymous with an innovative manufacturer of industrial piping systems collaborating on an eye-level basis with key partners.

Thomas Arens
Technical Team Leader, Industrial Piping Systems and Pipeline Construction, STRABAG AG, Northern Directorate, Nordhorn Area, Germany

How would you describe SIMONA in a nutshell?

As a system supplier.

What added value do our products and services give you?

Thanks to great technical support and professional presentation of project details, the required tasks are addressed with customers before and during execution of any project with a focus on finding solutions. Your project-specific know-how creates trust and this is confirmed by on-time delivery and good quality products.

Why do you buy from SIMONA?

As a system supplier, SIMONA offers us the option of adapting execution plans at the customer’s request and at short notice, even during the process of construction. Reliable delivery times with technical support during the construction phase demon­strate competence and form a good basis for successful completion of our construction projects. The good value-for-money aspect also enables us to offer a fair market price for any contracts.

What challenges do our products solve for your company?

The various materials available for selection allow the products to be used by both industrial customers and utility companies. SIMONA offers cost-optimised alternatives for certain media that need to be transported under different conditions.

What distinguishes us from other suppliers?

SIMONA demonstrates a high degree of manufacturing flexibility and consistently good product quality, even when complex components of different dimensions are required. We notice a high degree of identification with SIMONA as a company displayed by the employees who look after our needs. Thanks to their open communication and problem-solving mindset, construction measures can be successfully completed for both parties.

What do you hope for from SIMONA in the future?

It remains important to establish polyethylene (PE) as a piping material suitable for industrial tenders, by providing good project support in the planning phase and offering the expertise of SIMONA at any early stage. With that support, the planning quality will improve over the long term, allowing a technically sound
tender to be submitted, which can be swiftly executed by construction companies when the green light is given. In my opinion, it is important for SIMONA to take a holistic approach to addres­s­ing complex target projects at an early stage in the process.