About Umundum

Umundum Kft., founded in 2004, is a Hungarian company trading in semi-finished plastics and accessories. Its product range encompasses plastic sheets, rods, pipes and fittings as well as the welding devices used to adapt such products. Umundum works only with suppliers who consistently supply high-quality products and offer high-quality technical support – and in the semi-finished plastics segment, SIMONA is that supplier.

What do you value about SIMONA?

To me, the SIMONA brand stands all over the world for high-quality products. SIMONA offers a high level of technical competence
based on many years of experience, making it a very reliable brand.

Dr. János Bendl
Owner of Umundum Kft., Budaörs, Hungary


We benefit from the great reputation of SIMONA worldwide. I would also like to single out the great technical support SIMONA provides in conjunction with its products. Thanks to the reliability of SIMONA, we and our customers enjoy a real sense of security.

SIMONA and Umundum have a historic relationship that has grown over time. We think the same way. Over many years of collab­o­r­ation, we have managed to solve many challenges by working together. Whenever we made a mistake, SIMONA helped us – and vice versa, as in any good partnership. Other products of com­parable quality can certainly be found within the market, but what happens when something goes wrong? That’s when you need a partner who can respond quickly and offer a reliable solution. That’s what SIMONA does, and we value that.

The product mix SIMONA offers, combined with excellent technical support, gives us a solid basis as a trading partner to market SIMONA products successfully.

I want SIMONA to remain innovative. We have worked together successfully now for more than 15 years and we value the comprehensive product portfolio of SIMONA. I see further potential in the development of new products. Customers are always asking about the specific properties of new plastics. They are more
interested in what the product can do than the material or the processing method. In expanding its material portfolio, SIMONA is heading in the right direction and should extend this further. In future, SIMONA needs to focus more on product benefits.

The digital transformation is coming, whether plastics traders like it or not. We have to have a good answer to digital business models. As one of our key suppliers, SIMONA needs to make life simple for us here. Above all, this means simple order processing via digital services, such as the ability to check warehouse stocks and place orders directly.