Personal Profile

After completing her dual studies, 23-year-old Jana Boeddicker was part of the Marketing team of SIMONA AMERICA Industries for a year. Since her return to Germany, she has focused on product marketing of semi-finished and finished parts and also supports our internal communication initiatives as editor-in-chief of our global staff magazine, SIMONAinside.  She is the youngest member of the SIMONA Talent Promotion Circle and, with the support of SIMONA, is completing a Master’s at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management in addition to per­forming her role. In her spare time, Jana likes keeping fit, so is often seen doing laps at the swimming pool or jogging.

What do you value about SIMONA?

Without a doubt, the partnership mentality, which is definitely one of the key components of the SIMONA DNA.

Jana Boeddicker
Marketing Consultant Semi-Finished and Finished Parts, SIMONA AG, Kirn

How would you describe SIMONA in a nutshell?


What makes working for SIMONA interesting and fulfilling?

In my work, the main focus is on communication with the market. I aim to show as clearly as possible how our products can solve the challenges faced by our customers. The breadth of our product portfolio makes this job particularly fascinating. Different sales channels and customers in very different markets demand creativity and flexibility in the design of our marketing campaigns. So my work at SIMONA is one thing above all else – extremely varied.

What makes SIMONA “a company like a friend”?

Without a doubt, the partnership mentality, which is definitely one of the key components of the SIMONA DNA. And not just on paper. “A company like a friend” is not an adver­ti­sing slogan – it is an attitude. It means going out for ice cream together after work or sending a Happy Birthday email to a business partner.

What made you choose SIMONA as your employer?

At SIMONA, international reach, a strong market position, flat hierarchies and a family atmosphere all come together.

What does the SIMONA brand stand for?

Trusted quality, superior know-how and first-class service, before and after sales, in the world of thermoplastics.

What do you hope for from SIMONA in the future?

A willingness to keep testing and pushing our own boundaries, so we can take the next big step forwards.

Compared to competitors in the German plastics market – what could SIMONA do better?

Because plastics are high-performance and long-lasting products, we have the potential to tap into more and more application areas. Making new markets more aware of the huge potential of plastic as a material and the benefits of our products over conventional materials like wood or steel is something we can do better in the future.