ARKEMA is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals and advanced materials. Operating with three business segments – High-Performance Materials, Indus­trial Specialities and Coating Solutions – and globally recognised brands, the Group generates annual sales of €8.8 billion. Buoyed by the collective energy of its 20,000 employees, Arkema serves markets in close to 55 countries around the globe. The business partnership between ARKEMA and SIMONA spans more than 40 years. ARKEMA is SIMONA’s “Preferred Partner” for the high-perform­ance material PVDF.

What do you value about SIMONA?

SIMONA’s track record demonstrates its continuous commitment to excellence and quality to offer innovative plastic solutions to the industry. As a more than 40 years old partner, ARKEMA wishes both companies a continued successful journey together to embrace the challenges of the future and to keep shaping the world of the chemical process industry.

David Silagy
Kynar Europe General Manager, ARKEMA, Technical Polymers BU, Colombes Cedex, France

How would you describe SIMONA in a nutshell?


What does the SIMONA brand stand for?

The SIMONA brand stands for unsurpassed quality semi-finished products, thanks to the use of the best high performance mate­r­ials, leaning on decades of know-how and expertise. SIMONA branded products represent a kind of “guarantee” for success in all the projects in which they are used.

What distinguishes us as a customer?

SIMONA distinguishes itself as a customer by its continuous consistent and solid strategic market approach that leads to an impressive track record in the chemical process industry. Also, on a more personal aspect, the very long history built on mutual trust between our two companies has led to great intimacy between ARKEMA and SIMONA’s teams, most especially in Europe and in the USA.

How would you describe the cooperation?

Our more than 40 years of cooperation together has created a solid common culture for the chemical process industry. It is a deep partnership at all levels and in all fields, from technical to marketing. It allows us to go faster in the market to provide new solutions to customers, and to embrace together any new challenge with a common view and shared agility.

What do you hope for from SIMONA in the future?

We want SIMONA to keep enjoying continued solid growth in the future, of course with Kynar® PVDF as a leading product for new innovative solutions and evolving applications in the chemical process industry market. We also wish SIMONA continued global growth, especially in Asia, as they reinforce their worldwide presence. And last but not least, to continue to reinforce our historical partnership while we develop our common ideas worldwide.