About Kuhne Group

The Kuhne Group is one of the leading European manufacturers of machinery used in foil and sheet production. With its companies Kuhne GmbH, Kuhne Anlagenbau and K-Tool, the Kuhne Group is well situated as a manufacturer of modern extrusion plant and equipment. In Sankt Augustin (Germany), about 240 employees develop, produce and distribute high-spec plant and equipment which is sold all over the world. For over 40 years now, Kuhne has supplied machinery and processing plant to SIMONA.

What do you value about SIMONA?

SIMONA always manages to come up with innovative solutions for customer applications.

Hubert Armbruster
CEO of the Kuhne Group, Sankt Augustin, Germany

How would you describe SIMONA in a nutshell?

As an innovator.

What do you hope for from SIMONA in the future?

From our perspective, SIMONA is the market leader and a global player in many product areas. We hope that SIMONA can continue to expand its position in these areas and achieve its corporate goals.

What does the SIMONA brand stand for?

To us, the SIMONA brand stands for innovative, high-quality and technologically sophisticated products in the tank construction sector and the chemical processing industry.

What distinguishes us as a customer?

The business relationship between SIMONA and Kuhne has endured since the mid-1970s. Over that long period, many process and machinery configurations have been developed in close consultation with SIMONA. For that reason too, SIMONA is one of Kuhne’s most important customers for sheet extrusion plant. To us, the business relationship we have with SIMONA is far more than a classic customer-supplier relationship.