What we do is in our genes

SIMONA is one of the world’s leading producers and development partners in the market for top-quality, semi-finished thermoplastics, finished parts and piping systems. With a 1400-strong workforce, a comprehensive portfolio and a unique combination of process technologies, we are committed to finding the optimum solution for every one of our customers’ requirements.

The name SIMONA has been synonymous with quality, care and reliability for over 160 years. The company was founded in 1857 as a leather processor and gained international recognition in the early 20th century as Carl Simon Söhne. In the 1950s it began to shift production towards plastics but always remained true to its values and continued to grow. Today, responsibility for the quality of our products lies with every single employee in every area of the business. We bring together highly motivated workers and cutting-edge technologies to deliver best-in-class results.

SIMONA has set itself the twin goals of achieving steady revenue and earnings growth and remaining independent. In our core European market, we aim to boost growth by developing new products for new markets and applications. Our focus in the emerging markets of Asia is on high-end industrial applications. In the USA, we plan to generate additional revenue both organ­i­c­ally and through acquisitions. In 2018 we made further progress towards our SIMONA 500 target, i. e. annual Group sales of €500 million.

With over 35,000 products, our portfolio is probably the most diverse in the world. SIMONA uses a wide selection of premium-quality materials in the manufacturing process. Our solutions cover a huge range of applications – from the chemical process, water and energy industries through to environmental technology, mobility, construction and advertising. With production facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia as well as a global distri­bution and dealership network, we are never far away from our customers.

Here at SIMONA, our constant focus is on meeting the needs of our customers and delivering great customer value. Our expertise in process engineering is complemented by high-end technical consulting services. SIMONA has established a strong profile in the area of customising. This allows us to offer specifically tailored formats, colours and dimensions in our plastics while responding to the growing demand for individual properties to serve an ever-increasing range of potential applications. Thanks to its processing know-how, SIMONA is well placed to deliver solutions that maximise the benefits to its customers.

At SIMONA, it is people who make the difference. Thoroughly researched advice, cutting-edge skills, conscientiousness and solidarity are the hallmarks of our workforce. Despite SIMONA’s exchange listing, it feels and acts like a family company, with a focus on long-term success, flat hierarchies, individual support and social responsibility. This approach has helped us build up a team of loyal and motivated employees, some of whom even strike up friendships with our customers and business partners.