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SIMONA Stock 2018

WKN (German securities no.)723940
Type of securityDomestic stock
Par valueNo-par-value shares
Issued capital€15.5 million
Stock exchangeFrankfurt am Main (General Standard)
Price at beginning of the year€565.00
Price at end of the year€490.00
Annual high€590.00
Annual low€430.00
Price swing 2018–13.3 percent

German Stock Market in 2018

Overall, 2018 proved to be a weak year of trading for stocks.  Germany’s blue chip index, the DAX, lost 18.3 per cent in value, which was more than the majority of other key stock indices around the globe. The three key determinants influencing markets over the course of the year were the trade conflict between the United States and China, negotiations surrounding Brexit and the dispute over Italy’s budget between its newly formed government and the EU Commission. Market sentiment deteriorated further over the course of the year in response to a bleaker economic outlook. Starting from a base of around 12,900 points, the DAX reached an all-time high of around 13,600 points in January; the DAX trended downward over the remainder of the year. At the end of the annual period it stood at just under 10,600 points.


Although SIMONA’s shares were unable to isolate themselves from the general malaise afflicting stock markets in the period under review, they managed to outperform the DAX. From an initial price of €565, the company’s stock held its ground up to the beginning of May, supported by the company’s positive financial results. The share price lost some of its momentum over the following months and closed the year at €490. Calculated on an annual basis, this translates into a loss of 13.3 per cent. At the beginning of March 2019 the company’s share price stood at around €490.

Earnings Performance SIMONA Group

Based on IFRS
Total assets€m400.9363.4363.0

Stock Performance

Earnings per share40.2429.0832.48
Dividend yield%
P/E ratio**12.219.813.5
Year-end price490.00574.45441.00

As from the 2018 financial year, income and expenses from currency translation relating to financing activities are accounted for in net finance costs/income rather than in operating profit. For the purpose of improved comparability, the prior-year figures have been adjusted accordingly.

Calculated on Group basis


The Management Board and Supervisory Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting a dividend payout of €14.00 per share. This is the fourth time in five years that SIMONA has increased its dividend. Earnings per share rose from €29.08 to €40.24.

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